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The Universe
XXI - The Universe
Treat time and all conditions of Event as Servants of Thy Will, appointed to present the Universe to thee in the form of thy Plan;

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Understanding the Number Cards of the Tarot
20 Apr, 2015 - tarot

In Tarot, much of the focus is often on the Major Arcana; the 22 cards depicting memorable images such as The Lovers, Death and The World. However, no tarot reading would be truly complete without the Minor Arcana; the important number cards that comprise the rest of the deck.

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Understanding the Power of the Elements in Tarot
25 Mar, 2015 - tarot

It can be difficult to understand the role of the elements when conducting a Tarot reading, especially as some can be esoteric in terms of meaning. If you’d like to see elements in a tarot reading simply visit the Dragon Talisman site today.

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