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Life is filled with uncertainties. Sometimes, the right path to choose can be confusing, and we’re left wondering what action to take. Events in our lives can leave us feeling bewildered, confused, upset or conflicted. Where should you turn to seek out help and guidance?

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The tarot hold the answers to all your questions. For centuries, people have harnessed the power of the tarot to resolve issues in their lives, or gain better understanding of a situation or problem. Our free online tarot reading service is here to help you, and you’re invited to explore the site.

Crowley-Thoth Tarot Deck

Our team of tarot interpreters use the famous Crowley-Thoth tarot deck; a deck prized for its rich mystic symbolism and deep meaning. Your free tarot reading online will seek to answer the inner-most questions within you, and provide illumination in moments of darkness. We also use the I Ching Chinese system of divination. Start discovering the answers today; with a free tarot card reading.

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XX - Aeon
Be every Act an Act of Love and Worship.
Be every Act the Fiat of a God.
Be every Act a Source of radiant Glory.

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The art of Asking Questions ( in tarot and not only )
22 May, 2015 - tarot

Most of the time you will want to consult the tarot because you are facing a problem or challenge. The question helps you relate the guidance you receive to your situation in a way that makes sense.

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Understanding Tarot Spreads
08 May, 2015 - tarot spreads

The spread, or layout of the tarot cards is a key factor in reading the cards with a clear understanding. The cards can be read easier when they go together in the spread, giving a clearer understanding in the end.

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Understanding the Number Cards of the Tarot
20 Apr, 2015 - tarot

In Tarot, much of the focus is often on the Major Arcana; the 22 cards depicting memorable images such as The Lovers, Death and The World. However, no tarot reading would be truly complete without the Minor Arcana; the important number cards that comprise the rest of the deck.

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what actions do I need to take in order to get out of my own way ?
Not sure if I in a toxic relationship with my self or long term partner?
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