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Religion forbids it and science ridicules it, yet divination was highly praised among illustrious minds and sages since the begining of time till today. While the warnings in bible are well founded, same warnings do not hold true when you divine for yourself. This is what every serious priest or priestess should do: feasting, praying and meditation/contemplation (both being aspects of divination). The cards and yiching are no different... just a form of meditation and contemplation. There is no wrong in this ... how could it be ?

When emotions are dull or you feel like something is missing, a hard to describe uneasiness, this is what you have to try, feast and pray for a week. Do it now! Retreat in your solitude, seek no one, see no one, speak with no one, do nothing, except, a series of divinations in the morning...meditate on answers you receive...ask more...meditate more ... At the end you will be impressed with the progress you made. Confucius says: "To bless means to help. Heaven helps the man who is devoted; "

You will find here a journaling system to help you study, yi ching and/or tarot but you can use it just to observe changes in your readings. Altough it has no documentation or help available, i have tried to make everything intuitive and with a little patience you will get around easily. This site is a personal project and everything is free to use but this might change in the future. Enjoy it and like/share, if you do!

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