Prince of Swords


Signifying the element Air in the house of Air this tarot card carries all the features of Air element,  that is mind and intellect.

Always full of plans and ideas to in the worst case succeed only to bring confusion and in the best case prove to be an eternal source of creativity.

This tarot card signifies an intelligent, idealistic, full of creativity fluidity, a Mercurian spirit that often will argue just for fun not bringing anything constructive on the table.

Prince of Swords can devote to study, achieving outstanding performances in the shortest time. Unfortunately, gives up everything in a very short time because something more interesting developments.

On the dark side, this Tarot cards lacks the earth and water qualities thus the Prince of Swords may become unstable, unreliable, often using his intelligence to deceive himself and becoming the master of disguise and deception.

Energy:  Idealism, intellectual agility
Light:  Creativity, source of ideas, intelligence
Shadow: Harsh, malicious, frivolous, unrefined, cheater
Zodiac: Capricorn - Aquarius
Element: AIR

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