Princess of Wands


Princess of Wands tarot card represents the Earth in Fire World and is very different from Air of Prince and the depths of Queen.

She is the daughter of Fire burning with all the energy of the Knight, but unaffected by deep emotions.

The only legacy from the Queen, her mother, is her ability to retain, the insults and her long term thirst for revenge

Illusory dancing among the flames, Princess of Wands is very attractive especially through her thirst for life and by her energy which seem endless.

Her passions are burning and consuming, explosive and direct, up to the point that she destroys the subject of her passion.

But she quickly forgets once her passions pass on next subject.

She is irresistible in her seductive indifference, in her carnal passion and desires.

Energy:  Passion, joy of living
Light:  Enthusiasm, courage, beauty
Shadow:  Arrogance, greed, poverty, deep feelings, superficial, theatrical, cruelty
Element: FIRE

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