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What Tarot Spread should I Use?

There are a number of tarot spreads, ranging from the simple; such as the ' One Card Spread', to the more complex; like the ' Secret of the High Priestess'. Some are traditional and have been used for centuries, others are modern but choosing a spread for your reading mostly depends on your question. Visit Spread selection guide for more details or choose' Celtic Cross' spread

Things to Consider

Before choosing your spread, make sure you’ve got a clear idea of the question you want to explore. Picture it in your mind, and ensure that you’ve got all the known details straight, to help you get an accurate reading. Try to avoid distraction whilst the reading is taking place and focus solely on your query.
However ...Don't be content to rely upon appearances, and when you obtain a message from whatever source don't be too sure that the source is the same that it purports to be, or that you imagine it to be. In tarot, and all similar practices this is of vital importance, for neglect of this warning, may lead you far astray from the true Path.

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